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The Truth About Six Pack Abs – Truth About Abs Program Review

The Truth About Six Pack AbsThe Truth About Six Pack Abs is a highly powerful fat burning program designed by a certified personal trainer and nutrition expert called Mike Geary. If you want sexy, rock-hard abs, then Mike Geary Truth About Abs is the programme for you. This amazing training guide dispels all the myths about ab-building exercises and diet foods, and gives you expert information that will have you toning up and looking amazing in no time at all!

Mike Geary is a certified Nutrition Specialist and a Certified Personal Trainer. He has dedicated much of his life to learning the best ways to get in shape quickly. As a personal trainer his career depended on getting great results for his clients, and it is this knowledge that he shares in his bestselling eBook.

A quick read of the home page will provide an explanation of the five biggest myths about getting ripped six-pack abs. This 120 page book debunks the myths about health food, endless repetitions of crunches or sit ups, and is not some new type of supplement gimmick.

This book provides a simple full-body exercise plan to get you ripped six pack abs. But just doing exercises alone everyday is not enough; Mike includes special section on nutrition along with a well balanced food plan making the book a more complete guide to a flatter stomach.

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Why Is This Guide Different From Other Fitness Guides?

By reading through Mike’s ebook, you will find that situps and crunches are seldom emphasized. It is very much focused on exercises aimed to increase your lean muscle, which is the correct way to exercise if you want to burn fat off your stomach. I would highly recommend this ebook to you if you want to learn the truth about ab exercises, and finally reveal the killer abs on your stomach.

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast on a Six Pack Abs Program

Truth About Abs is more than just a routine to workout your abs though but a full body workout routine that incorporates several muscle groups including biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs program starts with a description of the various sections of the belly that helps you understand importance of these muscles and will help reduce your training risk. In this section, he debunks the myth of the necessity of everyday abdominal workouts and suggests ways to work abdominal training into your workout routine.

The main section covers over 20 highly effective abs exercises including many that you have probably never seen before. Many of these exercises utilize body weight, fitness balls, and other weights that can be used in the comfort of your home. After a busy day at work, I typically want to get home and spend 30 minutes on myself. I find that spending time in the garage exercising is a refreshing way to leave the problems from the office behind. These exercise help me accomplish goal of re-energizing my mind and body.

This portion of the book also gives you different options to spread out your workout and provide it a variety, another important thing to stress those ab muscles and get them to rebuild bigger, better, and stronger.

The real surprise was the nutrition section that describes a well balanced food plan. It is not a rehash of a low carbohydrate diet, but an eating plan to lose weight and keep it off while maintaining and increasing your energy level. It is a realistic approach to maintaining a healthy diet while even allowing for regular (but not to frequent) trips to a local restaurant for a burger with your friends. Another important part in Mike Geary’s fitness book is the cardio training. He explains and illustrates what cardio you need to do and when.

Overall, The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a powerful blueprint for losing belly fat and getting six pack abs fast. If there is any shortcoming to Mike’s guide it’s that it depends entirely on the user actually implementing the tips and techniques revealed in the guide. This is a powerful tool for getting the results you desire quickly.

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