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7 Minute Muscle Review – 7 Minute Muscle Exercise Program

7 Minute Muscle7 Minute Muscle is a muscle building ebook by Jon Benson where he shows you how to gain build lean muscle and burn fat in just 7 minutes a day. The 7 Minute Muscle program is specially designed for people who have very little time to exercise so the benefit of the program is to save you more time spent at the gym while maintaining the result.

The program is also designed so it can work for men and women for a variety of purposes. You don’t have to get bulky by following the program. You can simply improve your muscle tone. It all depends on which exact workouts you choose from included in the program.

Jon Benson is a highly respected motivational coach and fitness expert. Prior to his success as a weight loss professional, Jon was initially diagnosed as clinically obese and had experienced life-threatening situations due to his excess weight. Jons prior experiences and his associations with the dangers related to obesity makes him an authoritative figure on weight loss and muscle gaining. 7 Minute Muscle written by Jon is devised to help those who want to build muscle by the quickest techniques possible.

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The plans has three levels of workout so you can choose the one that’s appropriate for your level of fitness. Level 1 is for beginners, and is the 7 Minute Muscle building plan referred to in the product name. You can stay at this level as long as you like, and achieve decent fitness with it, but there are also 14 minute (Level 2) and 21 minute (Level 3) routines for intermediate and advanced workouts.

The author definitely does not believe in long exercises. He believes in keeping every workout as short as possible while ensuring that results are still maximized.

1. Work on Each Muscle Group per Exercise

This is a good way to build muscle fast. Perform a few sets of about three to four for each of your muscle groups, and slowly increase the weight of each rep as you go through the exercise. By steadily increasing the weights and keeping your workout time to a minimal, you should find your muscles stimulated intensely after your workouts. This is very effective at triggering muscle growth.

2. Shorten Your Workout Time

If your goal is to increase the muscles in your body, you should be aiming for shorter workout times. I have found out that it really has a powerful effect of growing your muscles more quickly. Reduce the amount of time you rest between sets and always keep your workouts intense. To help you achieve this goal more easily, you should set a time limit before you start with any exercise.

3. Always Know Your Workout Progress

You should keep a log of your training routines and the amounts of weights you have been doing. This allows you to track your progress easily, so that you can know how much weight to increase on your next exercise. It is hard to build muscles without increasing weight appropriately.

Jon Benson’s program comprises of the ebook and the six training videos. 7 Minute Muscle lays down the basic fundamentals of losing fat, gaining muscle, and getting a lean muscular body. All the videos depict the different techniques of getting the basics right and the different approaches to getting the best body you could ever dream of. The videos deal with all the different parts of the body where you would want a muscle mass like the chest, the arms, and shoulders.

All things considered, 7 minute muscle does look like a good program and if you are someone who is interested in building more muscle mass and you don’t want to spend much time doing it, then I recommend you give this a try.

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