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Top Secret Fat Loss – Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Scam Review

Top Secret Fat Loss SecretTop Secret Fat Loss Secret is a book that talks about healthy ways of losing weight and maintaining the achieved weight loss. It is very informative and educates the reader about various aspects of weight loss such as metabolism, nutrition, exercise, aerobics, cardio, detox diet, healthy eating habits and much more. The book is a healthy fat loss guide and talks about abdominal fat loss, extreme weight loss and maximum fat loss.

This program mainly consists of a book written by Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst which talks about dieting in relations with our digestive system. Dr. Gudakunst is a specialist on human digestive system and colon with seven years of extensive experience and various researches in these fields; her book aims to make more people become aware on the working process of our digestive system so that they can relate it with the best diet plan well suited for their specific needs.

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We live in a fast paced world, driven by the need to meet more and more stringent time constraints. We do not have the leisure to settle down for a completely balanced meal. Most of us eat on the go. And contrary to the needs and demands of our physiology, our diet is devoid of necessary nutrients and fiber for efficient function and elimination of waste from the body. Over time, these residues accumulate in colon creating a breeding ground for unwanted parasites and bacteria. The presence of waste in the body, and the activities of parasites and bacteria in the body create a toxic environment in the body. The organs of the body in an effort to shield themselves from these toxins, build fat cells around themselves, leading to increased fat deposited in the body.

Contrary to popular beliefs about weight gain, obesity and Fat Loss, Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst in her book Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, makes a connection between excess fat and the presence of wastes in the body and the activities of parasites and bacteria in the colon. She asserts that it is the activities of these critters as she calls them that cause you not to loose fat and not necessarily your will power.

In-fact, one of the major planks of Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is that when there are toxins in the body, the body’s ability to remove waste efficiently becomes impaired and this in turn leads to more accumulation of wastes in the body. Top Secret Fat Loss Secret maintains that effective fat loss is better attained by redressing the body’s natural ability to eliminate waste.

To loose fat, it is important to restore the body’s ability to remove waste efficiently. To do this, Top Secret Fat Loss Secret suggests a colon cleanse, using natural remedies. Dr. Suzanne contends that to do this requires the use of natural cleanses. She says natural cleanses should be used to gently rid the colon of all the critters and wasted and help restore the body’s vital function of waste removal.

Here are some of the topics Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Covers:

  • What is your metabolic type? Everyone has a unique metabolic type that determines how your body responds to certain foods. Two people with different metabolic types can eat the same foods, but one person can gain weight, while the other person doesn’t.
  • Your colon & liver are full of toxic buildup – Due to all the toxins in today’s foods, your body’s own natural detoxification system can no longer keep up and remove the toxins at the rate they are being ingested (that means the body will keep gaining weight until the toxins are first removed…Top Secret Fat Loss Secret explains how and tells explains what combination of specials herbs that will clean out your system).
  • Parasites are most likely in you right now – It is estimated that over 85% of the population have parasites living in them right this minute. It is these parasites that keep a person from losing weight.

Dr Suzanne Gudakunst Top Secret Fat Loss Secret consists of 100% natural plant based ingredients in the form of select herbs,extracts, and organic constituents. When combined in certain combinations and exact amounts, the solution acts as the best fightingagent against obesity and illness and disease that result from it.

Her secret involves ‘detoxing’ or ‘cleaning out’ hideous parasites that infest your bowels. This in turn helps you not only to lose a lotof weight fast, but also to improve your long term health.

Without question – Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is a great detox program to kick start your weight loss plans, and to cleanse your body with. And when you combine this with the healthy eating habits and a more active lifestyle, you will lose body fat.

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