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The Diet Solution Reviews: Recipes Program Book Review

With its growing popularity, some consumers have questioned The Diet Solution program, by certified nutritionist and exercise specialist Isabel De Los Rios, about its authenticity.

The Diet Solution ProgramThe Diet Solution BookThe Diet Solution Reviews is the farthest thing from being a scam. It consists of nine well-researched and detailed e-books that guide one towards their weight-loss goals by providing steps and principles regarding nutrition. For those who prefer a tangible copy of the program that they can take with them on the go, Isabel offers a hardcover copy for $20.00.

This program isn’t one of those outdated diets that require one to eat a specific food for a long period of time. Not only are those diets ineffective, they are also hazardous to one’s health. Take for instance the Grapefruit Diet, research has shown that consuming too many grapefruits can lead to low blood pressure and even blood clots. The program in no way requires one to carefully watch every single thing they eat, it simply encourages one to combine certain foods that help burn fat when eaten together.

Detailed meal plans, easy recipes, and shopping lists are only a part of the many features included in the program. Take for instance the guide titled Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes Keeping You Fat. It teaches the shocking secrets of nutritional misconceptions that have kept people from successfully losing weight. The secrets will be eye-opening for many individuals who believe, for example, that artificial sweeteners like Splenda are better for you than organic or “regular” sugar. In reality, artificial sweeteners contain chemical ingredients that are very difficult for the body to digest. Also included in the program is a bonus guide called 14 Days to a Sexy New Body in 2010. The guide is for those who want to lose weight as soon as possible. It contains the same basic steps found in the original guide, but the steps are stricter and require great discipline from the individual.

If this program were truly a scam, it wouldn’t contain the vast amounts of information that it does. The author could have easily thrown together a bunch of nonsense into a book and marketed it as legitimate. Instead, she chose to take her time by carefully researching all aspects of nutrition, weight, food, metabolism, and even common nutritional fallacies like the one concerning artificial sweeteners. Isabel took everything she learned and logically applied it to her series of books so that the customer’s weight-loss experience is both easy and effective.

Contrary to popular belief, the intentions of the author are not to dupe you into buying her product. Everything she promotes is 100% legitimate. There are dozens of online testimonies from people who have found success applying Isabel’s secrets and principles to their life. Health and medical professionals have also done their part by promoting the program on the internet, in news articles, and in the media. Clearly, for what it’s worth, This program is one of the best weight-loss programs available today.


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