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How to Build a Successful Weight Loss Diet

First, to implement a successful diet plan, we must changes our thinking about what a diet is. Once we redefine the word diet, we can move on and learn how to implement changes in our lifestyle that will successfully normalize a person’s weight.

Second, with so many diets in today’s media, on the internet, and on shelves, we can only wonder if any of them even work at all. The answer is, yes, but only if they fit under a certain set of guidelines and they become lifestyle changes that include changing how we eat and how we look at food.

Key Tips for a Successful Diet Plan

• The word diet, in reality, means the sum total of all the food and beverage products consumed to fuel the body. When seen in this light, a diet is not something we would do as a temporary solution for lifetime changes. Dieting is a onetime word; we need to change our diet because that’s what has gotten us where we are. If we go back to the way we were eating, it will all come back. Remember, change the pattern don’t opt for a quick fix.

• Does counting calories all day seem daunting? This may seem like a quick fix for the weight loss solution, but in reality, some foods have empty calories and others are so nutritionally packed with nutrients and fiber that merely digesting them burns off all the contained calories. Opt instead for a healthier diet.

• In addition to healthy calories, there are also healthy carbohydrates. This has to do with the fiber to carbohydrate ratio in the product, or the fat to fiber to carbohydrate ratio. Lower glycemic index foods help stoke the fire while high glycemic index foods give unnatural highs and lows, making you hungrier than ever. This applies to vegetables, fruits, packaged food, you name it.

• Is the diet too strict? Do you see where you will have to cut out huge lists of foods? If the diet consists of restricting ourselves to a limited menu, we will soon want to cheat. This is simply because our bodies will crave foods so that it can obtain all the nutrients it needs. Eating a wide variety of healthy foods is better since it will provide all of our nutrient needs and keep us satisfied.

• Do not fall for the low fat, no at trap. Fat doesn’t make us fat, not the good kinds anyway. Simple sugars are converted to fat, and good fats are simply burned off. Good fats include omega three fatty acids such as found in nuts, deep ocean fish, salmon, extra virgin olive oil, avocados, and other nutrient rich foods. Supplying the body with the right kind of fat and limiting simple sugar intake will keep the brain cells on and the metabolism fueled.

• Does the plan include at least three meals and 3 snacks per day? Going without food will shut the body down. You will feel tired and crave junk food. Keeping the body continually stocked with small, highly nutrient dense foods will keep your fat burning on high.

• Does the diet require you to eat a lot of prepackaged foods? Not only will the expense add up, but you won’t learn how to eat out, or enjoy meals. A successful diet plan should encourage you to learn portion control and proper preparation techniques so that the changes become permanent. And you won’t be eating all those chemicals and nutritionally poor foods.

• Don’t forget to exercise. For a diet to be successful, it needs to be paired with exercise. Weight bearing exercise with bands or weights will crank up your fat burning while cardio will decrease your food cravings and burn fat off short term as well as increase mental awareness and other good for you vibes.

• Does it include the use of diet pills, formulas, or other take it now to see results gimmicks? If so, you are just putting an unnecessary drug load into your body and breaking down your ability to keep the weight off for good, not to mention you might become addicted to the stuff.

• Does it encourage you to drink plenty of water and non-caffeinated tea or fresh fruit juices? Keeping your body hydrated keeps the metabolism going while dehydration, which can be caused by diuretics such as caffeine or not enough water intake, can reduce your fat burning power. Turn up the metabolism a notch by drinking cold water, your body has to heat up the water before it can be absorbed! Plus, drinking plenty of water will flush out all the toxins stored in the fatty tissues, breaking them down.

There are so many so called miracles on the market. Just remember that a quick fix doesn’t fix the reason you got there in the first place. Real weight loss happens over time and it includes changes to the whole lifestyle and the way we react towards food.


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