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Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review – Is Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet a Scam?

Fat Loss 4 IdiotsFat Loss 4 Idiots is a weight loss program designed to help you lose 9 lbs every 11 days. Their ‘secret’ is calorie shifting. What this means is that some days you eat a certain amount of calories and then you ‘cycle’ to a different amount on other days. This is a tried and true method to fool your body into burning calories.

What is the Calorie Shifting Theory?

In simple words, you cycle across different foods to trick your body into believing that it isn’t starving. This is done by eating up to 4 times or more meals a day that are of different calorie values. And each meal has to be a full meal.

As a result of eating meals of different calorie values, you "trick" your body into a high metabolism state that increases the rate at which it burns fat. By staying on this diet, you can keep your metabolic rate high to burn fat even while you sleep.

One recommended habit to go along with a calorie shifting diet is to drink a lot of water. This helps to increase the weight loss effect and raise your metabolic rate as the water will help to flush out the food you eat.

Click to Download The Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Plan

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is divided into two parts.

The first part teaches you how to make better decisions to lose weight permanently and it is not just diet alone. You will discover:

  • How and what to eat at restaurants
  • The best time to eat
  • How often should you eat
  • How to enjoy alcohol while losing weight
  • And much more

You will find that there are more ways to losing weight than dieting. They introduce their unique weight loss program of eating called “calorie shifting” method to effectively burn body fat. This unique eating method rotate all foods that trigger your body’s fat burning hormones to burn fat and lose weight effortlessly. Your body never establishes a eating pattern within your diet and thus your metabolism is always maintained at high level. This has been proven very effectively and powerful so much so that many people had reported losing 20 lbs in a month.

The second part in Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Plan provides a unique online diet generator. This is not a normal weight loss calorie counter you can find on the internet. It can only be accessed by customers. This unique tool allows you to input all your favorite foods and it will automatically customize a 11-day diet menu to help you shed the pounds. What we like most is that you have the choice to eat all your favorite foods while losing weight and not just eat whatever you are given in other weight loss menu. This unique tool is what pushes Fat Loss 4 Idiots over the top.

How does Fat Loss 4 Idiots work?

The handbook of this program named the idiot proof diet provides you with all the needed information on weight loss and many other things along with it. This plan is very easy and simple to put it in an action.

To begin with the diet chart may ask you select your regular diet plan or vegetarian diet plan as many prefer it. Then the diet generator asks you about 14 different foodstuffs which you like to it. This plan allows you to it what you like and not the bland stuff but only if it allows to reduce weight.

This plan is an 11 day plan which is followed by a 3 day short vacation where you can eat whatever you wish to. Isn’t it great? Yes but don’t go crazy behind it. Eating lots of fatty food is also dangerous. This plan includes 4 meals in one day and also permits you to cook food and eat the way you wish.

You can eat until your stomach says it can’t have anymore. This plan basically does the work of shifting the calories which keeps your metabolism high which further wipes off your fat i.e. it burns out your fats in the body.

Also the followers of this program need not have to incur extra expense on foods. You have to eat your daily routine food. So no extra costs. This method is widely being followed by people all around. Thus one who wishes to reduce weight should definitely go for this plan.

By far the calorie shifting diet plan is the most successful so far and the best part is that its available online as downloadable program. You can get a personal copy of the diet plan, its reviews and explanations and the calorie program generator. With the idiot proof fat loss diet program designed to make your metabolism work for you, you are guaranteed to lose weight without ever experiencing the normal miserable and depressive states that most diets make you go through. Food is important and it’s never the enemy.

Click to Download The Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Plan


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