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Eating For Energy Review – Raw Food Weight Loss

Eating For EnergyEating For Energy is a raw food lifestyle diet that will show you step-by-step the secrets to diet and losing weight, having more energy, looking younger, and also reclaiming your health. In fact, The Eating For Energy program will teach you the strategies you can use to lose weight, keep your body energized and as healthy as possible.

Raw food, as its name implies, has never been cooked above 180 degrees fahrenheit, since raw foodists believe that cooking food changes the chemical structure of the food thereby rendering it less healthy. By eating raw, you preserve the living elements in the food and gain energy from by eating it in this uncooked form.

The Eating for Energy program was created by all-rounder, Yuri Elkaim – a raw food specialist, nutritionist, personal trainer, motivational speaker and Kinesiologist. A raw food diet has been medically proved to be rich in disease-preventing phytonutrients; enzymes; life energy; and a provider of substantial amounts of alkalinity to your body. Elements such as these are what your body thrives on and is ever hungry for. These are facts that most doctors, fitness experts, and self-claimed “expert dieticians” won’t tell you … but Eating for Energy will.

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Why is Eating for Energy different?
Eating for Energy is a most comprehensive, 360-page downloadable e-book, unlike any other fitness and weight loss programs seen today. Eating for Energy is different because it is specifically designed for “ALL- ROUND” health and well-being. The program involves a ‘2-way’ action plan to achieve this:

Nutrition & Diets – Eating for Energy program strictly and specifically includes an all-raw, (total vegetarian) diet that is natural and environment-friendly. This diet includes lots of fresh vegetables, legumes, fruits, and nuts. The program’s ‘Nutrition and Diet’ section’ offers several recipes; 12 Super Foods recommended for daily consumption; a 12-week Meal Plan; a Juice and Smoothie Guide; and more.

Exercise program – Eating for Energy has a special ‘exercise section’ which describes the importance of exercises; what food should be eaten pre and post-workout; tips for staying hydrated; and more.

In fact, some of the benefits Yuri mentions in his program include:

  • An increased work productivity
  • Healthy and long term weight loss
  • Healthier skin, nails, and hair
  • Reduced risk of many diseases and sickness
  • Increased chance of a longer lifespan
  • Higher energy level
  • And more

Eating for Energy is well-written and easy to understand. However, the formatting makes it difficult to read at times. The font is very small and close together, and the margins should be widened so the reader does not have to break the spine of the book to be able to read across an entire paragraph. This is especially applicable to the recipe pages, where the reader may need to prop the book open and have their hands free while cooking.

The Diet program is an impressive nutritional guide. Even implementing parts of Elkaim’s advice without adopting the entire plan can be beneficial to readers. Understanding how the body processes food is an important step in nutritional health. Perhaps as more people adopt an organic, whole foods diet, grocers will begin to make these types of foods more readily available.

I believe that this program is worth reading and using even if it’s not for the rest of your life. You may find that this kind of eating plan actually suits you and that you enjoy it far more than you would have believed beforehand. The program is detailed, interesting to read, may be a touch over scientific at times, but overall provides great value for any health conscious person.

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