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Eat Stop Eat – Eat Stop Eat Scam Review

Eat Stop EatEat Stop Eat is an all-new program that emphasizes the practice of intermittent fasting to achieve impressive weight loss results. This technique will, simply by changing your eating habits, allow you to lessen fat and increase lean muscle mass in your body.

The diet system was created by the nutritionist and weight trainer Brad Pilon. Brad spent years working in the weight-loss industry and researching the effects of fasting on the human metabolism. He found out, that short periods of fasting have a positive impact on the human body. This intermittent fasting then became the system upon which Brad developed his weight loss program Eat Stop Eat.

This program basically consists of two parts: on the one hand you do intermittent fasting to make your metabolism burn fat, on the other hand you keep your muscle mass by doing weight-lifting. Your muscles help you to burn calories, that’s why it’s very important to keep the muscle mass up.

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How does Eat Stop Eat work?

The program is based on intermittent fasting. This may sound scary but in fact is not. Intermittent fasting is something which Brad Pilon researched and discovered that it helps weight loss for many people by improving several aspects.

This is something which may go against the views of other diet creators, but the results speak for themselves. People are losing weight with Eat Stop Eat. Not only that, but they’re doing it while gaining muscle mass and increasing energy levels.

Intermittent fasting means fasting for 1 day each week. This may sound harsh, but it is only difficult in the beginning. Later on people state that they actually feel more vibrant on fasting days then they do on eating days. Intermittent fasting can actually help you detox your body and boost your metabolism, helping you not only to lose weight, but to purify your body and be healthier.

Here are some of the benefits of Eat Stop Eat system:

  • Short duration fasting helps cleanse and detox the body
  • As per research short duration fasting helps in secretion of more fat burning hormones
  • With short duration fast a calorie deficit is created which is the basis of fat loss.
  • The weight training in this program helps in developing lean muscle mass

In a nutshell, this intermittent fasting helps your body burn calories from your fat cells instead of the food you eat. Therefore your calorie balance will be negative and you will start losing weight.

Eat Stop Eat Diet Plan also contains short weight-lifting sessions to make sure you keep all your muscle mass. Your muscles help you to burn calories and less muscles would mean less weight loss.

Whenever you are not fasting you are free to eat whatever you want. Basically you just continue your normal eating behaviour except for the fasting days. There is no strict diet plan, no food you have to eat although you dislike and you don’t have to pass on your favorite meal.

Eat Stop Eat is backed by Scientific Research and is a well proven method for loosing those extra pounds. It is also very simply explained how changing the way you eat will enable you to lose weight whenever you want to. It involves short periods of intermittent fasting which doesn’t slow down your metabolism, and energy levels don’t decrease either. This system promises long-lasting weight loss and it certainly delivers.

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